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Definition of organic agriculture

"Practicing agriculture in an eco-friendly manner"

=> Menure and pesticides are natural and based on organic elements

Problems raised by organic agriculture

1. The availability of organic waste in large quantities.

2. The comparative less yield. A bio-product needs to be sold in average twice as much as other agricultural products to keep the same margin.

The advantages of organic agriculture

1. Bio-products are good for health and environment. Chemical fertilizers come to the vegetables and fruits and affect human bodies. They are also responsible for deep soil erosion.

2. The organic cultivators are not dependent to the market. They can make there own fertilizers and save cost. Here are a few examples :

•  Fertilizer substitutes :

- vermi-compost : menure made by earthworms. See the menure made by the Eco-Circle Organisation

- bio-compost : compost made of organic waste

- cowdung : excreta of cattles

•  Pesticide substitutes :

- oil and leaves of neemtrees

- matha (creamy product made from milk)

- ash

- urin of cows

- aromatic herbs. See the herb associations created by the Eco-Circle Organisation

The developement of organic agriculture

In the last decades the demand in products produced from organic agriculture has grown dramatically, mainly in developed countries. In those countries, bio-label were created to certify the origin of bio-products. Nevertheless organic agricultural goods amounts for a tiny part in the whole agricultural production.

On producers point of view, each bio-product has to be sold double price than other agricultural goods to be as profitable. Today, customers are not ready to pay double price to buy a kilogram of bio-carrots ! The market is not mature enough to make it valuable for producers to develop their bio-production.

It is clear organic agriculture will develop only if the market demands bio-products and agrees to pay more.

In India and many other world's countries, organic agriculture is not promoted by the government and the society at large because it weakens capitalistic interests and give a prejudice to agro-business.

To develop bio-production, the only solution can come from the society with the support of authorities. Scientists also have a role to play to demonstrate the bad effect of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on human bodies. It has already been proven they empoverish environment by causing soil erosion. A concentrated effort made by consumer association and government supported by scientific studies can boost bio-production.

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