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Population of village : 710
Average family size : 5.72 members

Agriculture : 4.83 % (6 of 124)
Labourer : 18.54 % (23 of 124)
Agriculture & labourer : 75.80 % (94 of 124)
Agriculture & shop : 0.80 % (1 of 124)

Literacy rate (total) : 17.32 %
Male Female ratio (school) : 1.35 : 1.00

Agriculture Land
Land per person : 0.28 acres
Land per family : 1.64 acres
Landless labourer families : 19.35 %
Source of irrigation : canal (and exceptionnaly few wells)

Living status
Per capita income (per annum) : Rs 2.325 (US$ 47.44)
Average income per day (per person) : Rs 6.36 (US$ 0.12)

Percentage of total population : 96.77 %
Scheduled or other backward classes : 03.23 %
Percentage of joint families : 37.09 % (46 sur 124)

The Socio-Economic Analysis of the village of Kundarpura

These are the results of the survey undertaken by the Global Village Foundation in the village of Kundarpura, in the area of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh).

This is a tribal village (aborigene people) where people of kwander tribe live
There are 124 families in this village and many of them are joint families
The population of this village is 710. Out of these 97% are tribals. Remaining 3% population is of scheduled castes.
This village has no medical facilities
There is one school up to 5th standard.
Not a single house in the village has toilet facility
37% families are joint families
The main occupation of villagees is manual labour
Agriculture is totally dependent upon the irrigationnal canal passing through the area. In the year 2000-01, no water was released in canal therefore only a few farms were sown
There is only one literate woman in village.
The average daily income of the inhabitants is 6.36 Ruppees (US $ 0.12)
The only source of fuel for cooking is wood
There is only one trader in the village
Most of the families pursue "manual labour" as their main occupation but at the same time they do little cultivation
The literacy rate in this village is only 17.32%
The landholding per person at Kundarpura is only 0.28 acres

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